Interview with The Female Scientist

I recently did an interview for The Female Scientist about my work and my experiences in academia. You can find the interview here  - and check out the profiles of other women in science at The Female Scientist as well. The Female Scientist aims to promote early career women in science and present a realistic view of life in academia.

Public engagement at the Dundee Science Festival

Last week I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take part in the Dundee Science Festival alongside the team from the Baby and Child Lab at the University of St Andrews.

We set ourselves up in the mobile lab at the Dundee Science Centre and had a great day chatting with children and their families about the type of research we do at St Andrews. Children could try out a few simple experiments, and we also helped them to make "amygdala bottles" to encourage them to think about ways to deal with stressful situations. The amygdala bottles also featured huge amounts of glitter, and we left the mobile lab far more sparkly than we'd found it.

I was also able to take the chance to do a little data collection on my final PhD project during the day, and had a lovely time working with children and their parents who were so enthused about science.

Our mobile lab at the Science Centre

Our mobile lab at the Science Centre